Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Children with disabilities, especially children with learning difficulties or developmental delays, need specialized and complex therapy sessions in order to improve their response and interaction, physically, mentally, and emotional well-being!

Within our comprehensive therapeutic vision, our team works on enhancing the children’s mood, using music, in order to achieve the optimal level of interaction, and verbal and non-verbal skills development 

Why do we provide Speech Therapy?

  • Exploring emotions
  • Developing hearing sense
  • Enhancing nonverbal and verbal communication skills
  • Encourage the child to use both gross and fine motor movements.
  • Improve the child’s sequential memory.
  • Help the child to behave better.
  • Support children to be Initiative and creative.

What to expect?

  • Children follow simple instructions.
  • Better communication skills.
  • Increase their patience and ability to wait for others.
  • Concentration development.
  • Higher level of confidence.
  • improved eye contact.
  • ability to be part of teamwork.
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