Outreach Program

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre serves children from across the West Bank through our Outreach Program.  Making an average of 60 outreach visits and assessing over 1300 children a year, the Centre is able to support families that do not have access to adequate medical expertise. Children in need of specialized treatment are referred to the rehabilitation Centre in East Jerusalem.

The Outreach team also offers professional training to local clinicians and partner organizations, ensuring that future generations will have access to appropriate attention and care.


  • Limited access to services.
  • Complicated political and security situation of Jerusalem. As a result, limited abilities of Palestinians living in the West Bank to reach Jerusalem.
  • Financial challenges related to transportation fees.
  • Lack of enough facilities including Comprehensive and Intensive Rehabilitation, for children with disabilities in the West Bank.
  • Need for high-quality expertise in the field.

Solution (action)

  • Reach our children and provide support
  • Our multi-disciplinary team conducts weekly visits to the field since the 80’s. and meets the children with disabilities and their families in the field.
  • Our Medical Doctor provides assessment to Children with disabilities and refers them either to the Basma Centre or to other Care Giver as needed.
  • our multidisciplinary team shares expertise with the staff members in the Partner Centers in the Field.
  • we facilitate permits for the children and their families to enter Jerusalem in coordination with the Palestinian Ministry of Health.
  • We receive the children after the referral at our Centre and provide a full package of services.



  • Children with disabilities get an assessment and referred in the field.
  •  Children with disabilities and their families receive a full package of rehabilitation at our Centre including full accommodation. So, daily traveling fees are saved.
  • Children with disabilities have access to high-quality Comprehensive and Intensive Rehabilitation at the Basma Centre in Jerusalem.
  • Staff members of our partner Centers on the field receive support and training about the best practices of rehabilitation and other administrative-related issues.
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