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Creating Lasting Change

Over the years the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre has provided rehabilitative services to children with disabilities from Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza. It is the main comprehensive resource available for Palestinian children with disabilities and demand grows annually.

Each year we have:

  • treated hundreds of children in our Child Rehabilitation Centre
  • integrated children with disabilities into our Inclusive School; currently over 1/3 on roll are students with disabilities.
  • empowered mothers and family members in the treatment of their children.
  • treated children from across the West Bank through our Outreach Program.
  • trained practitioners in the field of disability in partner centers.
  • raised communities’ awareness at local and national levels on the challenges and needs of children with disabilities and their families.

For over 55 years JPBC has transformed the lives of children with disabilities and empowered their families to care for them, creating lasting change for generations to come.



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Latest Newsletter
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Winter Newsletter 2023