Mira's Remarkable Journey ... Overcoming Challenges and Inspiring Change


In the heart of Nablus, the journey of an 11-year-old girl named Mira,  illustrates  strength of the spirit and the power of determination. Her story is one of resilience and the unwavering belief that with the right support, anything is possible.

Over a decade ago, Mira found herself at a crossroads. Born with a resolute spirit, she has been receiving rehabilitation services at the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre for more than ten years. Her first meeting with the Medical Director was a meeting that led her to the doors of the Basma Centre. From the moment she arrived, Mira's life took a transformative turn.

Within the comprehensive package of rehabilitation services that she received, Mira's journey was about more than just physical healing. The Mother and Family Empowerment Program (MFEP), a cornerstone of the Basma Centre's provision, became a guiding light for her and her mother and family members. The program empowered them both, and shaped Mira’s future.

Yet, despite her remarkable progress and success, Mira faced an unexpected challenge. The doors of local schools remained closed to her, which has ignored her intellect and determination. Mira took matters into her own hands. In a powerful meeting with the school principal, she asked the principal to judge her on her abilities, not her limitations. Her words were evidence to her unwavering self-belief.

Mira's determination prevailed. Acing the school entrance exam with an advanced level of mastery, Mira secured her place in the 1st grade. Her journey at school was marked by intimacy and inclusivity. "At school, everybody helps me. Nobody bothers me," she smiles. Mira's sociability and warmth made her friends with everyone.

Today, Mira continues to face challenges.  She is in 5th grade now, and her 28th admission to the Basma Centre signifies a journey of continuous growth. With each visit, the dedicated team at the Basma Centre works tirelessly to enhance her mobility and fine motor skills. Mira's spirit shines through in her accomplishments. Her mother attests to her daughter's remarkable progress, highlighting her independence and her ability to conquer everyday tasks.

The Basma Centre has not only been a place of support but also a motivation for comprehensive growth. Mira's mother shares, "The Basma Centre has been a source of holistic rehabilitation. With each admission, we witness an increase in their services and quality." From audiology assessments to physiotherapy, the Basma Centre has become a Centre of transformation under one roof.

Mira's mother looks to the future with hope, confident in her daughter's abilities to make a lasting impact on the community. Her advice to others facing similar challenges resonates with the strength of her spirit: "Never give up. Support your children tirelessly, regardless of the obstacles."



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