The Jerusalem Princess Basma Inclusive School Celebrates the Kindergarten Graduation

The Jerusalem Princess Basma proudly celebrated the graduation of its Kindergarten students in a joyous ceremony attended by proud parents, teachers, and school staff. The event was evidence of the school's commitment to inclusive education, as both children with and without disabilities took part in this momentous occasion.

The graduating class comprised of 38 students, including 33 students from the inclusive KG2 class and 5 students from the special class. The diverse group of graduates, consisting of both males and females, and will be moving on to first grade in the upcoming academic year.

From her side, the General Director of the Basma Centre, Violette Mubarak. shared her thoughts on empowering children, stating, "Our aim is to empower our children so that they are always ready for the present and the future. An empowered child can overcome all challenges and achieve optimal results."

During the graduation ceremony, the School Principal, Shereen Saeed delivered an inspiring speech, emphasizing the school's holistic approach to education. She stated, "We firmly believe that true education involves more than just academic excellence. Our priority is the all-round development of every child, social maturity, and personal resilience. Our inclusive policy ensures that all students thrive in an environment where they can acquire not only knowledge but also character, values, and skills."

Parents in attendance expressed support for the school's inclusive approach. Talia's mother, representing her graduating daughter, expressed her belief in the importance of Inclusive Education. She said,

“Today, Talia stands transformed, thanks to your exceptional dedication and outstanding work across all aspects and levels. Her progress and growth are proof of the Basma Inclusive School’s remarkable efforts.”

Talia's mother also expressed her gratitude to the Basma team for their unwavering support and motivation, emphasizing her firm belief that together, they will overcome any obstacles in their path. She firmly believes that with determination and resilience, her child's dreams will find a welcoming home on this earth.

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Inclusive School extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the graduating Kindergarten students, their families, and the dedicated teachers and staff who have played an essential role in their educational journey.

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